Who needs sleep?

A documentary on doing long hours on film sets

 Ahhh… the glamorous life in Hollywood. Or is it? Film crews routinely work sweatshop hours, often clocking 15 to 18 hour days at the expense of their families, their health, their well-being, and even their lives.

In 1997, after a 19-hour day on the set, assistant cameraman Brent Hershman fell asleep behind the wheel, crashed his car, and died. Deeply disturbed by Hershman’s preventable death, filmmaker and multiple-Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler shows how sleep deprivation and long work hours are a lethal combination. Who Needs Sleep? is a commentary on our quality of life.

The documentary has now been seen by thousands of people all over the world and the awareness of the problem of chronic sleep deprivation is recognized by working people in the United States, England, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Russia and many others. The relationship between working excessive long hours and health, quality of life and the very nature of “making a living” is understood more clearly now in part due to “Who Needs Sleep?” documentary.

Documentary 2006
directed by Haskell Wexler ASC
A documentary that highlights the deadly combination of sleep deprivation and long days of work. Focusing in particular in the film industry.
Unsettled by the preventable death of a coworker, filmmaker Haskell Wexler learns that sleep deprivation and long work hours are a deadly combination. Interweaving medical findings with personal accounts, his camera reveals how a 24/7 work culture affects all Americans.
Runtime: 78 min
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://whoneedssleep.weebly.com